Dec 16

Ivy was on the front page of our newspaper today and we are very excited about it. The hospital sponsored a contest where they picked one kid to be on the front page each day in December. Here is the clip from the newspaper...

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Dec 18

I would officially say that Ivy is "walking" now. She still falls down and is unsure of herself sometimes, but she can go from the kitchen to the bedrooms, so that's good enough for me. It's so fun to watch her wobble...

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Dec 02

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone is having a good holiday season so far. I finally got my Christmas tree and a few 'kid-friendly' decorations out. I didn't realize how little I was going to be able to put out this year...oh well.
Not much to say so I'll check out for now. Merry Christmas!

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Dec 01

I swear I heard Ivy say "What's that?" several times today. The Christmas tree was the first thing I noticed her pointing at when she said it. It's so weird that she is talking, but the words don't always come out. It's more the way she says things that make them understandable.

Nov 30

I put up the Christmas tree today and Ivy sure thought it was something special. She looks and points and says "Ooooooooh". She's done fairly well at leaving it alone, so that's surprising for a 13 month old.

Oct 28

Just thought I'd check back in and give everyone an update on Ivy. She turned 1 on the 22nd and that was a great day. She had a party on the 21st and she celebrated with her family and had lots of fun. There are new pictures on her website if you want to see the cake mayhem. She took her first couple steps on the night of the 25th and that was so crazy to see when you're used to them crawling. She got another tooth on top so that makes 5 teeth total. We are looking forward to more milestones, but are also sad that our little baby is growing up so fast.

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Feb 01

We went to Lincoln today and bought an '04 Honda Pilot at Williamson's. We have been looking at them for a while and I think we got a pretty good deal on it. Here are a couple pictures of the new vehicle:


Aug 22

Well it's like my Friday today because I have Fridays off now. I'm very ready for the weekend, I've had a headache all week.
So I haven't blogged in like 21 days and now all I'm doing is complaining. Sorry about that.
Newsflash: Ivy turned 10 months yesterday! She's crawling and cruising around on the furniture now. She has 2 bottom teeth and is working on a top tooth...which must be painful, cause she's not herself...poor baby. Sorry I've been slacking on her website photo album, I need to get some updated pictures on there...maybe this weekend.
Well that's all for now, I will try not to stay away so long...

Aug 01

I would just like to take a moment to thank the person that declared Bermuda shorts back in style. I thought the 80's would be the last time I could pull off long shorts (well let's face it, I didn't 'pull them off', I was just too young to care how hideous I looked). Any garment that covers my thighs is an asset to this blogger's wardrobe...

Aug 01

Eric has been working on the storage room in our basement this week. Now instead of just piling stuff to the ceiling, there are shelves so that it will be easier to find and get to stuff that we need. That said, the amount of times I actually need something in that room is usually once a year at Christmas time. I should label one of the shelves "Garage Sale Items" so I know what to get rid of next year. Anyway, kudos to Eric for his fine craftsmenship!