Apr 09

IMG_0315I took Ada back to the ENT for her post surgery checkup today. He said everything looked great, there was no fluid or infection in either ear, so that was awesome to hear. I can't believe how much of a difference the tubes have made. She's sleeping all night until about 7am every day, and we've quickly started taking a full night's sleep for granted...it's so awesome. Ada is 17 months old now and has a few more words up her sleeve. I've gotten her to say something like Dora, Diego, and Ni Hao (my apologies to the non-Nick Jr folks out there). She's started babbling more, and it sounds like she's got her own language, and it's adorable! She's also working on the top two molars, so she's been drooling like crazy. Isn't she pretty?

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So Bridge I count on you to update this blog so I have something to read while I am at work! So this is me politely commenting that I want an update on you:) lol! Few more weeks til ARKANSAS!!!

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