Apr 05
pale, puffy face

So, I went in for my yearly physical last week and my doctor noticed that I had an enlarged thyroid. She ordered a thyroid ultrasound and I got the results back yesterday. There were no nodules or cysts or anything so she said it's autoimmune thyroiditis, also known as Hashimoto's disease. My thyroid labs were all within range so we just retest next year and go from there. 

While I was relieved that the ultrasound didn't show anything more serious, this wasn't great news either. There's a laundry list of symptoms that may or may not go along with this disease and it's hard to tell which symptoms are actually related. The first thing that I noticed is that palpitations can occur with thyroiditis and this got me thinking about some other unexplained symptoms in the last 11 months. Fatigue and sluggishness (but, who doesn't have this?), unexplained weight gain (because my diet and exercise are always en pointe, lmao), pale and/or puffy face, increased sensitivity to cold (and I'm usually never cold), muscle aches and weakness, heavy periods, memory lapses and so on. There are also some symptoms on the hyperthyroidism side like palpitations, anxiety, throat tightness and itchy eyes. 

Most of the symptoms are tolerable and could very likely have nothing to do with this thing, but it does make me wonder. The palpitations and tight throat/anxious feeling is not something I want to live with so I'm going to keep on the Propranolol for those. Apparently, if my thyroid tests look abnormal in the future I'll have to take a hormone medication.

In summary, I guess this makes me feel a little less crazy and that helps. Yay, me!

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