Mar 04
So it's March and I haven't posted since September....whoops! A few things have happened since that post. They did actually end up finishing our house, but not without further delay. At one point the builder said we'd possibly be in before Christmas. Well that came and went with no explanation. So we ended up moving in on January 12th, the coldest day of the season thus far. We had movers do itagain though, so I can't complain. So we're all moved in and have unpacked the necessities. Most of the remaining boxes will remain packed and untouched until we move again, most likely. We're looking forward to the Spring, so we can get the sprinklers, sod and patio done. It'll be nice not to have mud everywhere.

Here are a few pics...

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IMG 20150227 115625In other news, we've been trying to figure out the cause of Ada's random back pain. She complained here and there off and on for the last few months, but it never seemed like a consistent thing. Then a few weeks ago she was telling me how if she runs a certain way, her back doesn't hurt. I said, "Ada! You don't have to deal with pain! Wait until you're an adult to start doing that!". Poor thing. And apparently it hurts if she stands up or bends over quickly. I took her to the pediatrician and she noticed a slight curve of the spine. She thought it could possibly be scoliosis, but that it isn't usually painful. She referred us to a pediatric orthopedic specialist. They took some x-rays, which didn't show much of a curve. He thought there could be a possible stress fracture but that we'd wait and see what the radiologist said. Well, he didn't see anything on the x-ray so they ordered a nuclear medicine bone scan to get a closer look. I was not looking forward to telling Ada that they'd be poking her with a needle. She freaks out with a tiny vaccination. So I told the nurse that it'd be much easier if they just did it while I wait outside the room. She cried, but they said she was so brave. She came out with a few lingering tears, a brand new Barbie doll, and a huge smile. She was so excited about that thing, you would've thought it was a ticket to Disney World. Oh well, it worked! We had to wait 3 hours and then came back to the hospital for the bone scan. That was painless, she just had to sit still for about 40 minutes while it went around her body. She usually has a very hard time sitting still, but she did great. The results from that test showed a possible stress fracture on one of the lumbar vertebrae. We are meeting with the specialist on Friday to discuss the results and probably get her fitted for a brace. I'm so thankful that the test didn't show anything more serious!

I took Eve to the doctor yesterday since she's been crabby and waking up at 5am the last few mornings. She has infection in both ears, so she got some amoxicillin take care of that. She seems to be feeling better already. She's a typical 2 year old, pushing the boundaries and getting into everything. She learns so much every day, it still amazes me. Ivy has been struggling with some attention issues in school this year, but with the help of her teachers, we have been figuring out how she learns best. She's made huge strides in reading and spelling, and we're very proud of her efforts. Eric is still working at the phone company and is hoping this year will bring a M-F shift since they have hired some new guys. It will be so nice to have him around for the Saturday ball games and birthday parties. I'll miss the Mondays when I could schedule appointments or run errands without a toddler, but I think it'll be a good change for the most part. I'm still in the website biz and 2015 has been a busy year so far. Ok, I'm going to sign off now and I hope I won't stay away so long next time...

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Love the update! Hope Ada feels better soon! The picture of her in the scanner breaks my heart - brave girl!

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Your new place looks amazing! How nice to be in a brand new house. Poor Ada, hope you get to the bottom of everything and it's not too bad for her. Damn kids and their (expensive) medical issues!!

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