Jul 25

As you can see, I'm already running out of exciting things to blog about so I'm going to mention our garden. This year we have had a good turn out so far. Our sweet corn took a beating from the wind a couple times, so a lot of it is knocked down. But we should have plenty of tomatoes, potatoes, & peppers (red & green). We also planted carrots & onions, they're not going to be as bountiful. It's a lot of fun to cook a meal and know where everything (except the meat) came from.

Jul 24

Ivy started crawling a week or so ago. So last night Eric and I put up our new baby gate above the staircase. We were excited because this gate looks like real wood and would fit in nicely with our existing banister & wood railing next to the stairs. Well, two hours later it was up and working...Graco definately needs help with their instructions...
Here's a picture of the finished product, I'm very happy with how it looks... 

Jul 23

In this new blog-friendly world, I figured that I'd better keep up with the Jones' and get to typing. Not that anyone really gives a hoot about what happens from day to day in my life. If anything maybe it will give Ivy something to laugh at when she's old enough to read.
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Jul 21

       We just got back home after spending a week with my family at Lake Okoboji in northwest Iowa. We had so much fun and I didn't want to come back. Ivy had her first "lake swim" and loved it. She loved her YMCA swim classes and loves her baths so I knew that she'd have fun in the lake as well. She also went to her first amusement park, Arnold's Park, and rode the train a couple times; she loved that too.
Ivy started crawling on all fours while we were on vacation so that was fun for everyone to see. She also got her first tooth the day before we left so she hit a few milestones this past week. She was 9 months old on July 22nd and that's hard for me to believe.
Well, that's about all I have time for now. Who knows if I will keep this blog going or not


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