Jan 21

I just had to post this story about something Ivy said tonight because it was so cute and so innocent. We were driving through McDonald's (gimme a break) and she said she wanted ice cream. I told her she needed to eat food first and then maybe we'd have ice cream at home. She started crying and wanted me to open the window so she could tell the guy that she wanted ice cream. I didn't let her, which now that I think about it, I should have. haha. I digress. So as we're waiting for our food, she calmed down a little bit, and she says something about being sad. Then she says it again, and again and I finally listened to what she was saying. She said 'mommy, I licked my sad'. I was thinking to myself, 'what the hell is she talking about?'. Then I turned around and she was licking her face where her tears were running. OMG, I was like 'that's the cutest thing I've ever heard'. You just don't think about how you'd describe something if you didn't know what it was called. I think she did a pretty good job...

Jan 20

I took the girls to the doctor for their 2 week ear recheck this morning...brace yourself...neither one has an ear infection...for now...

Ivy's really making herself at home these days when we go to the doctor. When she got out of the car she waved at an elderly couple walking into the building, then she talked to them in the elevator. She asked the doctor if he wanted a cheerio and couldn't believe it when he politely declined (he had already eaten breakfast). On the way out, she told the guy in the elevator that she wanted to press the button and proceeded to show him the new princess sticker she got at the doctor. He either had a daughter of his own, or a Disney princess fetish because he knew Ariel's name and something tells me he would've listed the others' by name if we had more time. Then she waved and yelled bye to him when she saw him getting into his truck. I thought about using that experience as a segue into my "don't talk to strangers' speech, but she's just coming out of her shell and it's too cute to discourage...for now...

Ada's as sweet as ever, but getting a new tooth on the bottom left that must be a toughie, cause she's been waking at night/early in the morning. She's socializing more too and you can tell she wants to name things. She points to everything and says "D" or  "E", it's pretty cute.

Jan 15

On the way to work this morning I heard the song "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama and I was instantly transported to the beach with Ralph Macchio and Elizabeth Shue playing soccer in Karate Kid. I love how music can remind you of things and places or a certain time of your life. I still think that the best music came out when I was in high school or college. I'm starting to sound like my dad when he listens to oldies from the 60's because he thinks that is the best music ever made. I think it's really just because it reminds him of when he was in school and he looks back fondly on those years. I find myself excited to listen to the 90's at noon on the radio because it's a whole hour of great songs. That being said, it makes me feel old because I remember when they used to play crappy 70's or 80's songs all the time as a "retro hour" or whatever they used to call it. I used to say something about how those songs are so old and no one wants to hear them anymore, put them to rest already! So are high school kids saying that about the 90's & early 00's music that I love so much? That's where I start to feel old, and I don't like it.

Speaking of crappy songs that need to be put to rest, I've started making mental notes when I hear them so I can list them on my blog. Here are a few that I can remember, feel free to add more songs as you see fit.

  • Takin' Care Of Business by Bachman-Turner Overdrive
  • Celebration by Kool & The Gang
  • We Are Family by Sister Sledge
  • Anything by the Spin Doctors
  • Anything by Nickelback

There are so many more, but I can't think of them now. I knew I should've been writing them down...oh well. As always, comments are welcomed!

Jan 05

So we didn't waste any time in the new year to add to the string of ear infections. We took the girls to the doctor today because Ivy was up last night complaining that her ears hurt again and Ada has been acting cranky off and on for a while. Turns out Ivy had a new infection so she's on Augmentin again. He doesn't think Ada's right ear has ever gotten better, because it's always the same one and it's never been clear since October, so she's on Biaxin this time. He thought if it doesn't get better in two weeks that we'll probably take her to a specialist to see what they say.

Ivy wore her purple leopard print pajamas to the doctor because it was one of those 'pick your battles' mornings. So Dr. Hurlbut was making small talk with her, talking about the snow and a goose that walked by his window the other day. She interrupts him and says "Doctor, look at my [insert stuffy nosed b instead of a p] bajamas".  It's so precious to see her strike up conversations with adults.

Dec 25

What better way to spend the Christmas holiday then snowed in at Grandma Margie and Grandpa Jerry's house? And that's just what we did. My sister's family even made it home in the nick of time before the interstate was closed. Craig was able to fly in from CA before the weather came around. We spent a lot of time eating, laughing, opening gifts, and playing the Wii that Eric and I got from my parents. The girls got lots of new toys including a Wonder Pets fly boat, the Bugbsy reading system, clothes, a purse and lots of other fun stuff.

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Dec 11

We went to the Hale's house tonight for the kids' daycare Christmas party. We had a lot of fun and the kids got to sit on Santa's lap and open some presents. Tiffany got them teddy bears and books and gave us a picture of all the daycare kids. Here are a couple pictures from the night...


Dec 31

Just thought I'd close the decade with a few of my favorite things that happened in the last ten years.

  • April 2000 - met my lovely husband Eric
  • May 2002 - graduated from college
  • April 2003 - got married on a gorgeous April Saturday
  • March 2004 - moved into the home that Eric built
  • March 2005 - welcomed Kermit the dog into our home
  • October 2006 - welcomed our beautiful daughter Ivy into our home
  • November 2008 - welcomed our beautiful daughter Ada into our home
  • September 2009 - moved into our home that Eric didn't build, but is improving daily

People keep talking about how crappy the noughties ('00's) were, but as you can see, the best memories of my life so far have occurred during this decade so I think it was a pretty darn good one. Happy New Decade!

Dec 22


Ok, so Lincoln has a few of these lights (mostly downtown) that have a countdown timer on the "don't walk" sign. I feel like this is the best invention ever, while other drivers seem to think it's a reason to slow down at green lights. I'll explain. So you're driving along and you notice the don't walk sign is blinking...normally, you'd just have to guess at when that light is going to turn yellow. Well, with the countdown sign, you get like a 12 second warning of when that yellow light is coming. So if you're 2 blocks away with 2 seconds left, you know that you can prepare to stop because you're not going to make it through the light. Last night, I was within 30 feet of the light with 3 seconds left and the car in front of me slowed down to a stop, BEFORE the light even turned yellow! So you see, it's both a blessing and a curse...but mostly a blessing...I hope they pop up around town more.


Dec 21

...for ear infections! Ivy woke up at 3am this morning complaining of ear pain, so she jumped in bed with us and kicked and tossed and turned until about 4:30am. After I realized that she finally fell asleep again I rolled over and thought to myself, this is great, I might actually get another couple hours of sleep! Then what to my wondering ears should I hear, but Ada crying at 5am!

Well, I headed off to work (in a hurry :)) and Eric stayed home with the girls and took them to the doctor. It was ironic because they were supposed to have their 3 week recheck on their ears Thursday. So while I made their appointment this morning, I went ahead and canceled Thursday's appointment. The doc said that both of Ivy's ears were very infected and bulging, and he wouldn't be surprised if they burst. Ada's right ear is also very infected. Sounds like the amoxicillin from last time didn't take care of it so he prescribed Augmentin. Hopefully that will do the trick. It seems like my kids always get ear infections around the holidays...but actually they get them plenty of times in between, so there's really no coincidence. {capdropper off}

Dec 11
  • Singing the "Wonder Pets" theme song in the shower with Ivy (in tune!)
  • Ada learning how to give kisses...and even make the kissing sound with her lips
  • Never having to touch a snow shovel because my wonderful husband takes care of that
  • Three snow days in one week
  • A forgiving dog who seems to understand why I won't play outside with him and he still warms my feet
  • Earning some money on the side to pay for Christmas presents
  • Wrapping those presents in front of the fire while listening to Christmas music
  • An offer to babysit the kids

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! {capdropper off}