Aug 16

We took the girls out to the part tonight to let them in on a little surprise. They got to open a box filled with balloons to tell them if they were going to have a baby brother or a baby sister in December...

 IMG_4740 IMG_4742 IMG_4744 IMG_4759

Jun 27

We got a new(er) truck tonight, a 2007 Nissan Frontier. It's a smaller truck so it actually fits nicely in the garage without too much fanfare. It also has 4 doors, which his old truck didn't, so it's much easier to get the kids in and out of it. Here it is!

 IMAG0523 IMAG0524IMAG0522 IMAG0528

Jun 13

Dawn, my mom and I went to Las Vegas for a girls' trip that we've been talking about doing for years. The girls stayed home with Eric and then their cousins Cassidy and Katie came to watch them during the day on Monday and Tuesday and they had a blast. We stayed at the Tropicana hotel which was lovely, and enjoyed the pool there during the day. We went shopping, and gambled a little - and didn't lose a lot. My brother Craig met us there for a couple days too. We all went and saw the show Jersey Boys about Frankie Vally and the Four Seasons. We all loved it, so I would highly recommend it. We saw a comedy show which was really funny, and just had a really fun time.

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Jun 03

We took the kids to the Omaha zoo today for the first time. They enjoyed seeing all of the animals and exhibits. It was plenty hot, so they were tired after a while, but have been talking about it all night, so I'm pretty sure it was a hit. Here are a couple pics I snapped..

 IMAG0466 IMAG0467 IMAG0469

May 06

Our friends, Josh and Kim came to stay with us the night before the marathon so they didn't have to wake up really early and drive the 2 hours to Lincoln this morning. Kim and I followed the boys around at various mile markers and had a good time. It was plenty hot later in the day, but for the most part it was pretty nice. Eric and Josh survived without injury and finished in record time..well, as far as I'm concerned anyway. Here are a few pics of the event...

 05-06-12 090 05-06-12 093 05-06-12 094 IMAG042305-06-12 105 05-06-12 116 05-06-12 123 05-06-12 126 05-06-12 130 05-06-12 146  IMAG0424 IMAG0426 05-06-12 152

Apr 30

Just thought I'd post a couple pics from the girls' dentist appts today. He had great things to say about Ivy's teeth and brushing habits. I told him that Ada doesn't want any help when she's brushing so he tried to talk some sense into her. Her teeth are more crowded up front than Ivy's so he's going to watch that. Here are the pics!

IMAG0406 IMAG0405

Apr 20

I had seen some posts online recently about making your own fabric softener, or Febreze, etc and I have been meaning to try them out. Since then, I've looked up basically every cleaner/spray that I use on a regular basis to see if there's a way to make a cheap version of it. I thought I'd share my list in case anyone else wants to save some dough! Check it out!